About Us

Our Mission Statement

Pinnacle Services of Pinellas, Inc. strives for excellence in understanding the needs of our customers and providing them the education required to make an informed decision.  Utilizing our many years of experience and gained expertise in the industry, we are able to formulate the most effective solutions, providing the highest levels of both quality and value to our customers.

Ongoing Partnership

We here at Pinnacle feel that education is a very powerful tool. It's what separates us from our competition and even ties right back into our mission statement.
In the spirit of sharing this expertise, we have partnered with Pinellas Technical College (PTEC) to provide learning opportunities for future generations of tradesman.

Knowledge is Power

We want our customers to make an informed decision when choosing Pinnacle Services for their needs. Our reputation not only thrives on selling the right products for the job but also to educate our customers so that they know know we are performing the right job for them.

Listed are articles that have been published by our product manufactures with some helpful hints for homeowners from how to choose a contractor, to knowing what signs to look for when a roof is nearing it’s end.